Department of Zoology

Year of Establishment of the Department:          November 1985

A   Brief history of Department :

Chairmen, BOS & Head of Department

Chairman/Chairperson Head/Coordinators
Prof. G. Harold philip Prof. G. Harold philip


Names and Designations of the faculty   

Chairman BOS:


1.  Dr. Pala Indira
2.  Dr. G. Harold philip
3.  Dr. B. Sreekanth
Assistant professor


Faculty currently holding other positions
Prof. P. Indira Dean, Life Sciences
Prof. G. Harold Philip Officer on Special Duty


Curricular Aspects: 


            Since inception, the Zoology department is preparing the curriculum for M.Sc. (Previous) and M.Sc (Final) students in a careful and meticulous way so as to cater the needs of the employment opportunities of the Postgraduates. 
           With the objectives of providing elaborate and recent developments in this subject, the syllabi are prepared  (Field oriented and lab oriented).  Besides, the syllabi prepare the students to face any competitive examinations in the subject.  Compatibility is one of the main goals while preparing the curriculum. 
            Review and redesigning of the curriculum is regularly done on yearly basis and experts and academic peers are involved in the process.  Advanced topics are included when ever they are published in accredited journals.  Seminars are regularly conducted to train the student.  All the 5 staff members take part in this programme. 


Teaching and Learning: 

            Every effort is taken by the Teachers in this department to judge the student’s knowledge by way of encouraging them to participate in discussion in the seminar and classroom teaching.Suggestions are given to the students, when found not up to the mark.  This teaching-learning process is constantly encouraged. 
            Audio visual equipment is regularly used by Teachers besides regular black board teaching.  The department encourages students to take active part in co-curricular activities. 
The department follows the examination process, as approved by the Board of studies and in accordance to the university stipulations.                                                                                                
            The department has, in addition to the compulsory papers, 3 optional subjects in the M.Sc. Final level.  They are Environmental Biology, Toxicology and Cancer Biology. The professors in charge of these three subjects are highly proficient and have wide experience.  Subsequent assistance is provided by the junior staff and Research scholars.


Research achievements:

            The Research culture is existing in this department right form the Bio-Sciences days and now good research activities are being promoted by the staff members have their own specialization and the work is being carried out in Physiology, Environmental Biology, Toxicology, Molecular Biology & Bio-acoustics. 
            The scholars are allowed to publish the research papers after a proper scrutiny by their guides.  There are no restrictions.  The department had undertaken awareness programmes on Environmental aspects about two times.  
             Prof. Basha Mohideen is an advisor to the local fisheries department, wild life and sericulture at Anantapur.  He also received two international millennium gold medals.  Prof. Surendra Kumar is an advisor to cancer detecting committee, and conducted a number of cancer awareness camps.  Prof. Radhakrishnaiah is an advisory
member in environmental toxicology board, Bombay.  Prof. Indira is an awardee of Indian overseas fellowship.  Dr. G.H. Philip is an awardee  of Rockfeller and INSA fellowships.  He is also having UGC and DST projects.
             The department so far produced 52 Ph.D.,s and 45 M.Phil.,s in the fields of environmental biology, toxicology and cancer biology.


Infrastructure and laboratory facilities: 

            The department has facilities that can cater to the needs of teaching and research.  The instrumentation available is environmental chambers, colorimeter, spectra photo meters, microscopes, photographic equipment, electrophoresis, chromatography, centrifuges, balances etc. The teachers, research scholars and students make full use of instruments working.  The instruments in the afternoon hours are utilized by the post graduate students for their practicals and other times the R.S and staff use them.. Separate animal house, research laboratories for M.Sc., previous and final, and for research are available in the department.


Student support and Pogression: 

            As such there is no financial aid given to students by the department but the university provides scholarships under different categories.Academic councelling, placement services are given to the students by the teachers. 


Organization & Management:

            The Head is incharge of all departmental activities and day-to-day necessities.  The chairman, Board of Studies, takes care of the syllabi and associated matters. All financial matters are decided by the university authorities.


Healthy Practices:

These are no self-financing course in this department.  Teachers and research scholars participate in many National & International seminars and symposia.  The most recent information presented in those  are imbibed to the students.  All efforts are made by Teachers to acquaint themselves with the latest developments in their fields. Senior teachers are invited, by other Universities and Institutions, to give lectures, as they are experts in their own fields.


Projects handled by the Department

Title of the  project

Funding agency

Amount sanctioned

Year of Sanction

Year of

"Effect of Allethrin and Cypermethrin on the metabolism of Labeo rohita (carp) and Pila globosa (snail)".

“Detoxification of Cypermethrin in fish, Labeo rohita”

Protein metabolism in silk worm ( Bombyx mori ) when fed with tukra affected mulbury leaves

Studies on Apoptosis in Corpus Luteum of Rat

Gamatogenesis, Gamatequality & Viability in Zebrafish under cypermethrin toxicity

Reproductive toxicity of deltamethrin in fresh water fish Labeo rohita


University Grants Commission



University Grants Commission

UGC Sponsered minor research project


Department of Science and Technology

Wellcome Trust funded Indo-UK Collabarative Research Project


Department of Science and Technology

Rs.2.4 lakhs



Rs.2.2 Lakhs


Rs. 16,000


Rs.17.3 Lakhs

? 40,058

Rs. 9.8 Lakhs

July 11, 1990



April 7, 1998




July 27,2000

July, 2002

Aug 01, 2005

July 10, 1993



April, 2001



July, 2003

Dec 30, 2005

(On going)


Collaborative ventures:   


Department has collaborations with Fisheries Department, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh and Department of Sericulture, Central Silk Board.


Seminars / Workshops /Symposia / Refresher Courses - Organised by the  Department   :


a) Organized of 1st National symposium on Enviromental Biology in S.K.University,Department of Zoology and Microbiology.(III Annual Conference).December 1986.
b)Organized U.G.C Sponsored Seminar on 'Flurosis and it's impoact on the population of Anantapur istrict.A.P.'On20thDecember1995.